Ace Racer Open Beta Test Currently Running in North America

NetEase is running an open beta test for its futuristic, pedal-to-the-cyber-metal racing game Ace Racer in North America right now. So if you’d like to drift through some neon-hued landscapes, you can.

The cars in the game have their own special ultimate skills that you can unlock by drifting. Some of them can fly by the looks of things, which sounds a bit like cheating to us.

This isn’t just a drag-racer, either. You can actually steer your car, which is something of a rarity nowadays. And the whole thing looks like a pitch for a Fast and Furious 2099 movie.

Brakes? Where we’re going we don’t need brakes

The open beta is set to run until April 26th, so you’ve got a good couple of weeks to sink your teeth into the content on offer. Said content includes customization, different tracks and driving really, really fast.

If you’re in North America and you’d like to give Ace Racer a go, you can click here to download it from the Play Store. If you live elsewhere in the world, we’ll keep you updated on a full, global release.

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