Anime Dungeon Crawler RPG ‘Soul Tide’ Now Open for Pre-Registration

Hot on the heels of a successful beta test, developer LemcnSun Entertainment has now opened up pre-registration for their upcoming anime hero collector RPG/dungeon crawler hybrid Soul Tide. In Soul Tide you’ll amass a huge roster of fierce female combatants, called Dolls, to fight back against an evil witch who has plunged your world into all-out war. You’ll do this by exploring an overworld map filled with puzzles, combat encounters, and more.

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One of the more unique aspects of Soul Tide is in its combat. Drawing inspiration from old-school first-person dungeon crawlers, the combat actually takes place from a first-person perspective. Your current team is shown in boxes at the bottom of the screen, and this leads to another neat aspect in the game: Its gorgeous Live2D art. Characters move and flow in an almost hypnotic fashion, and when it’s time to trigger one of their powerful Ultimate attacks you’ll be treated to a brief but awesome cutscene animation. Additionally, as you traverse the game’s world, you’ll encounter story bits that also utilize the Live2D animation and look just fantastic.

Besides the first-person combat which is a break from similar style games, Soul Tide also blends in gameplay from other genres that you wouldn’t typically expect from a dungeon crawler RPG. For example: Home simulation. You’ll actually be able to build out, decorate, and upgrade the home where your Dolls reside. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also aspects of a dating sim built in as you attempt to win the admiration of the Dolls by taking each one on a series of dates or showering them with presents.

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Soul Tide features an incredibly deep character progression system that ensures you’ll always be making some sort of progress as you work your way through the many different elements in the game. If you’re craving a hero collector RPG with a few unique twists that set it apart from its contemporaries, head over to the official website where you can pre-register in order to unlock a bounty of rewards upon the game’s release. While you’re there you can check out all kinds of information about the Dolls in the game, some killer artwork, and more. Soul Tide will be launching later this year.

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