Anime Last Stand Speedwagon Unit – All About Speedcart

Feature image for our Anime Last Stand speedwagon guide. It shows a variation of Banner 1, including Speedcart on the right.

Anime Last Stand has some very familiar characters around. They might have different names, but we know who they’re supposed to be. One of these is Speedwago- sorry ‘Speedcart’. Not a JJBA character at all. Out Anime Last Stand Speedwagon guide goes over exactly what you need to know about the unit.

Anime Last Stand is a Roblox game where you recruit some very familiar faces from the anime world to create an unstoppable fighting force. Roll the dice to summon from the pool of candidates, and plan out a flawless strategy to fend off wave after wave of attackers.

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Anime Last Stand Speedwagon Guide

Here we’ll go into detail about the unit.

About Speedcart

Speedcart is a Mythical-rarity unit. He can appear in Banner 2 and Banner 1, with a chance to roll for him sitting a 75 Emeralds at the time of writing, with a 1% chance of getting the unit from each summon in Banner 2 when he’s available, and 50 Emeralds to try a summon in Banner 1, with a 0.5% chance of rolling when he’s available.

Speedcart Strats

Speedcart is a unit where you don’t need to worry too much about power or range, because this guy doesn’t attack. He’s all about the money, and generates riches every wave. Each upgrade gets you more cash. You’ll need to balance out your investments in Speedcart with your fighting units. Use him correctly though, and you’ll have extra cash to spend on

Speedcart Stats

Here are the raw numbers.


  • Generates $350 per enemy wave.

First Upgrade – $1,500

  • Generates $750 per enemy wave.

Second Upgrade – $2,250

  • Generates $1,500 per enemy wave.

Third Upgrade – $2,290

  • Generates $2,100 per enemy wave.

Forth Upgrade – $3,800

  • Generates $3,650 per enemy wave.

Fifth Upgrade – $4,750

  • Generates $4,500 per enemy wave.

Sixth Upgrade – $7,950

  • Generates $6,500 per enemy wave.

Seventh Upgrade – $12,500

  • Generates $10,000 per enemy wave.

Eigth Upgrade – $17,500

  • Generates $15,000 per enemy wave.

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