Construction Simulator 2+ and Pro Snooker & Pool 2022+ Are This Week’s New Apple Arcade Additions Out Now Alongside Big Updates for Solitaire Stories, Alto’s Odyssey, and More

Apple’s April 2022 releases for Apple Arcade were previously revealed with games including Gear.Club Stradale. Today, two App Store Greats have joined the service in the form of Pro Snooker & Pool 2022 () and Construction Simulator 2+ (). The former is also available as a paid game and it has been updated a lot over the years. The Apple Arcade for Pro Snooker & Pool 2022+ features all the 3D physics and visuals at 60fps from the original game, and it is one of the more interesting additions to the service for me considering we haven’t seen anything like this on the service in recent months. I enjoyed my time with Nintendo’s Clubhouse Games on Switch for Billiards and look forward to playing Pro Snooker & Pool 2022+ on iPad with the Apple Arcade release today. The second addition for this week is Construction Simulator 2. This has you building your own construction company and taking control of more than 40 vehicles. This Apple Arcade version will not have any in app purchases as expected. Watch the trailer for it below:

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When it comes to updates, four notable ones have hit games over the last day or so. LEGO Builder’s Journey adds creative mode letting you build your own models with a theme build plate. You can then use photo mode to adjust the angle mood, and more to share your creation’s photo with others. Alto’s Odyssey Remastered brings in 15 new lost goals, improvements to tracking and animation. For today’s update, Simon’s Cat – Story Time has brought in 200 new levels in the Dawn Patrol Update. The final notable update for the week is the awesome Solitaire Stories from Red Games Co adding in Joel McHale and Ben Schwartz across two new celebrity stories in-game. Watch the trailer for the Solitaire Stories update below:

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Head over to our thread for Construction Simulator 2 here, Construction Simulator 2+ here, Pro Snooker & Pool 2022+ here, Simon’s Cat – Story Time here, LEGO Builder’s Journey here, Solitaire Stories here, and Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City here. For all other Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of Apple’s newly revealed games for April 2022?

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