Disney Speedstorm Multiplayer – How to Unlock It

If you’ve just started playing Disney Speedstorm, you will probably have asked the question: where is Disney Speedstorm multiplayer? When you first boot up the game, all you have access to is a single player tutorial and it’s kind of lengthy. Well, fear not for that’s exactly what I plan to help you with in this guide. I’m going to round up exactly how to unlock multiplayer, break down the modes, and everything else you could possibly need.

Disney Speedstorm is Mario Kart with Disney characters, basically. The team over at Gameloft developed it, so an aspect of Asphalt has leaked into the game too. You can knock players off the track, Burnout-style, and use items that both help you and hinder your opponents. There’s also a boost, which is another nod to the Asphalt series.

You can grab Disney Speedstorm on Google Play. We’ve also got guides on Disney Speedstorm pay-to-win, Disney Speedstorm local co-op, and Disney Speedstorm crossplay.

Disney Speedstorm Multiplayer

Now, let’s take a look at how to unlock Disney Speedstorm multiplayer.

How to Unlock Disney Speedstorm Multiplayer

When you first boot up Disney Speedstorm, all you can play is the Starter Circuit. This serves as the game’s tutorial, and is purely single player. It’s worth beating, as it’s fairly easy and you get a bunch of rewards for doing so.

To unlock multiplayer, you need to complete the first three levels in the Starter Circuit. The third is called Tunnel Chase, and requires a level two Mickey Mouse to beat it. Do so, and you pretty much unlock the entirety of the game.

What Multiplayer Modes Can I Play?

There are four multiplayer modes in total in Disney Speedstorm, all offering a different experience. These include:

  • Ranked Multiplayer: Your traditional multiplayer mode. You can play with any of your racers without restrictions, and your goal is to beat opponents so you can climb the rankings and earn rewards. These include Score Points, which you can spend in the store to upgrade your characters.
  • Regulated Multiplayer: This mode effectively eliminates the pay-to-win aspect of Disney Speedstorm. It removes your personal racer level and star rating, putting all players on an even playing field. This lets skill determine the victor, not how much you earn.
  • Private Track: This is where you play with your friends online. You can select which track to play, tweak parameters, and choose how many CPU opponents to race against. You can join a party to create a race, or send a code to other players. Disney Speedstorm supports crossplay, so you can play on any platform.
  • Local Freeplay: Split-screen co-op! Fancy that in a game that launches in 2023. It’s similar to Private Track, except it’s only local. It supports up to 4 players, though you will need controllers for all of them.

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