FGO’s Summer Event Arrives, Though English Version Players May Have A Wait

The Fate Grand Order Summer event is on its way, and the official YouTube channel released a fully-animated promotional video to celebrate. As you might expect for a gacha game’s Summer event, it’s an excuse to show a lot of characters in swimwear, aren’t they all?

This is of course just a hype trailer for the event, limited-edition Summer Servants.

English-Language Players A Bit Behind

If you’re a global player though, be aware, you’re behind on the event schedule! You might not see much of the stuff shown until this Fate Grand Order Summer event rolls around to your version. But hey, at least you’ve got a year or two to save up, right?

Fate Grand Order, stylized as Fate/Grand Order, is a gacha RPG that’s practically ancient by free-to-play gacha game standards. It launched all the way back in 2015 in Japan, and 2017 for the English version.

It’s a game that’s reached such popularity it’s had an anime, a manga, two movies, and even a stage play. Sega even released Fate/Grand Order arcade cabinets. It’s quite a big deal.

A Gacha Heavyweight

The game is a turn-based RPG that uses cards as a means of issuing commands to the party on the field. Getting multiples of the same card lets you potentially chain them together into more powerful attacks. It sounds simple, but it can soon get more complex.

It’s not only fighting though. As the person organizing your fighting force, it’s up to you to interact with the colorful cast of characters around you, and under your command.

The things you say, and how you treat the people around you will have an impact on how things go, so you need to think through what you say.

If you’ve not jumped on the FGO train yet but this got you intrigued, you can check it out on Google Play.

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