GDC 2023: Dolby Announces Atmos Support in PUBG Mobile

Greetings, fellow Droid Gamers. Welcome to day two of our GDC 2023 coverage. We’re still here, meeting a wide variety of developers and publishers as we strive to bring you coverage of the latest and greatest games in the Android gaming space.

You can still find our coverage of day one, which we’ll still be updating as the day progresses. It takes us a bit of time to write up each meeting, but we’ll strive to do so as quickly as possible. We’ve still got plenty of exciting content ahead, so stay tuned to Droid Gamers and bookmark these two stories to get the most of our coverage.

Meanwhile, Meriel and Adele are hard at work bringing you fresh content on the latest titles, so GDC won’t interrupt the usual flow.

Dolby Announces Atmos Support in PUBG Mobile

While at GDC, we caught up with Dolby at its very own HQ in San Francisco. We got a full showcase of Dolby Vision and Atmos in a wide variety of content, including streaming video and gaming – primarily on Xbox. Microsoft has fully embraced Vision for Gaming and Atmos, and it really shows.

But most exciting to Android gamers is the news that Dolby Atmos support is finally coming to mobile, and is here right now, in fact. Earlier this week, Dolby announced that PUBG Mobile is the first game to embrace this technology, and it’s live right now in ‘Arena Mode’.

We got a chance to sit down with the new mode, and were immediately impressed with the extra level of immersion the audio enhancements made. It’s a lot clearer now to get a feel for where your opponent is, and you can use the direction of gunfire to get you right back in the action.

Not only that, but bullet-fire and explosions really pop in Atmos. It really makes you feel like you’re in the thick of the action. It also gives elevates the mobile experience, and brings it closer to a PC or console experience.

What’s the Future for Dolby on Mobile?

Following the showcase, we had an opportunity to talk to several representatives about the future of Dolby’s technology on mobile, and they were all keen to stress that they’d like to see Atmos support in more titles in the future.

In fact, it wants to be as widespread in the space as it is on console and TV, and there really is no reason why that can’t be the case. PUBG Mobile is evidence of that, and all we need is more developers and publishers to embrace the technology.

Dolby was keen to stress that it works to make the process as painless as possible. But what of Dolby Vision for Gaming? Could that also make an appearance on mobile? Absolutely, according to Dolby – though it has no plans as of this moment to announce.

All in all, it’s an exciting time for mobile if Dolby can bring its technologies to the space and spread it as wide as possible. Games will look far superior, and provide an extra level of immersion in terms of sound. There could even be a competitive advantage, with the 3D audio really helping you to track where sounds are coming from.

Go ahead and grab PUBG Mobile from Google Play right now to check out the Dolby Atmos support, which is limited to Arena Mode at this time.

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