Gooey Duel Shooter Gumslinger Gets Massive 3.0 Update

Gumslinger is one of those games that puts a smile on your face. Which is probably why it won big during the 2021 Google Play Indie Games Festival. And now it’s had a huge new update that adds more excitement to the already pretty darn exciting experience.

One of the big changes in the version 3.0 update is a new league-based progression system. You’ll work your way through four different ranks – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Star – showing other players just how good you are.

The leagues are split into different sub-leagues, and there are weekly leaderboards with special rewards for players who finish higher up. Hey, shall we watch a trailer? Let’s do that.

[embedded content]

Elsewhere the update brings new quests to the fore. These are regularly updated challenges that throw some variation into the mix. The rewards aren’t too shabby either. There’s a new gem-based currency to collect too.

If that wasn’t enough, you can now play with friends as well, taking them on in frinedly-ish matches for bragging rights. Which are worth way more than tangible rewards.

If you’d like to give all of this new gumslinging stuff a go, you can click here to download Gumslinger from the Play Store. It’s free with IAP, and it’s an awful lot of fun.

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