GPO Great Kraken – Location, Drops, and How To Stack!

What makes this armoured squid so great? Our GPO Great Kraken guide tells you everything you need to know about this self-proclaimed great boss. You can decide for yourself if it’s worthy of the title, I’m just a dude writing guides.

Grand Piece Online is a Roblox game that’s a love letter to the world of One Piece. Head out on a boat to sail the wide oceans and discover all kinds of different islands. There are quests to complete, a huge number of places to explore, and of course magical devil fruit to consume for supernatural powers.

You can grab Grand Piece Online on Roblox.

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GPO Great Kraken

Great! Now let’s get on with the guide. We have split up the information into sections to make it easier to find what you need.

Who Is The Great Kraken?

The Great Kraken is one of many formidable Sea Beast bosses. This boss dons the appearance of an armoured squid that is larger, stronger, and tankier than the regular Kraken. This boss spawns within the Second Sea Rough Seas to the South of the Desert Kingdom.

This version of the Kraken will only spawn if two players are within its spawning vicinity. This is partially due to its incredible strength that most players would struggle to solo.

How Does It Differ From The Regular Kraken?

The notable difference is the Great Kraken being leagues apart in strength and size versus the Kraken. The Great Kraken offers players the same hunt versatility as the first Kraken. Both Kraken variants will spawn with a chance of different colours correlating to their rarity. This then impacts its item drop colours too with the same rarity influence.

The Kraken duo can spawn in with the following colours from most common to rarest: Red, Gold, Green, Blue, Purple, and Azure.

Great Kraken Drops

The Great Kraken offers the same drops with the same rates as the Kraken. The highlight drop however is a 100% Devil Fruit drop rate, making this boss truly great for farms! (Maybe it does deserve that title).

  • Devil Fruit – 100%
  • Mysterious Book – 15%
  • Book of Spirits – 45%
  • Kraken Armour – 1%
  • Kraken Cape – 5%
  • Kraken Blade – 1%
  • Kraken Katana – 1%
  • Kraken Core – 0.5%

Great Kraken Stack / Farm

Some players utilise the 100% Devil Fruit drop rate to farm the Great Kraken. Here is a quick rundown on how you can do that to essentially get unlimited Devil Fruits and be truly OP!

  • Create 2 Roblox accounts to play on
  • Obtain a 60k Bounty across both accounts
  • Get the Geppo skill ability across both accounts
  • Enter the Second Sea with both accounts
  • With one account, go Geppo jumping in the air whilst the other account hunts for the Kraken
  • When the Kraken has spawned, swap the players and have the other account call another Kraken from out of the sea
  • Dive both the Krakens to a nearby Crab Cave (Desert Kingdom) and kill them off using the cliff glitch to farm Devil Fruits.

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