Kitty Pryde now Available in Marvel Contest of Champions

Kitty Pryde is the latest character to be added to Marvel Contest of Champions, Kabam’s superhero fighting game. She’s an X-Man, with phasing powers and a dragon companion who breathes fire.

You’ll dart back and forth with her, using her phasing abilities to avoid incoming attacks and then unleashing powerful bursts of damage to take down your foe’s health bar in hefty chunks.

We’ve got a couple of Kitty Pryde trailers to share with you now. First up, here’s a quick look at her special moves. Most of them involve her dragon, Lockheed, breathing gouts of fire.

[embedded content]

In this next one, the developers take a deeper dive into Kitty’s mechanics, to give you a better idea of how to use her to the best of her abilities. It’s a long one, so make yourself a brew before you start watching it.

[embedded content]

If you prefer reading things, you can check out Kitty Pryde’s champion spotlight at the official Marvel Contest of Champions website by clicking right here.

Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the best midcore brawlers for mobile, and if you’d like to play it you can click here to download it from the Play Store for free.

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