Learn all about Fortress War and the Christmas Carnival

Like any decent video-gaming institution, Camel Games’s War and Order is having a Christmas party this year. 

Named Christmas Carnival, the event will give you the chance to complete some fun quests, hang some decorations, and earn an absolute ton of festive rewards. 

We’ll give full details on the War and Order Christmas Carnival a bit later. First, here’s a rough outline of the game for the uninitiated, plus a deeper dive into one of our favorite features: the decidedly un-festive Fortress War. 

War and Order

War and Order is a strategy game with tower defense and city-building elements. Set in a fantasy universe of orcs, elves, mages, monsters, and medieval architecture, it sees you battling to – what else? – conquer the world.

Naturally, you’ll fight. War and Order boasts huge real-time PvP battles where the aim is to crush your opponents on the battlefield and engulf their castles, allowing you in turn to claim their resources and earn crucial ranking points. 

Between PvP battles you can take on the hulking monsters that roam the landscape, plundering their carcasses for treasure. 

War and Order also features a rich alliance system that allows you to build and fight alongside your fellow players. Being in an alliance means defeating enemies and holding castles that you’d never be able to defeat or hold alone, so it’s well worth signing up.

Not least because you can only get involved in Fortress Wars if you’re in an alliance.

Fortress Wars

This huge alliance event takes place over four months and eight epic battles. It sees you battling with your fellow members for the supreme honor of occupying a distant cluster of majestic fortresses.

To join, you have to belong to an alliance with enough battle power, and only the leader can enlist.

Interestingly, your troops can’t die in these battles, and wounded troops are automatically healed after each competition is over, ensuring that you won’t have to exhaust your normal War and Order resources to take part in Fortress Wars. You can just have fun. 

The battlefield in Fortress Wars is carved up into territories, each containing a fortress. To seize a fortress, you need to defeat both NPC troops and other players’ armies. If you can pull that off you’ll score points depending on your ranking at the end of the season. 

There are four Tiers, too: New Knighthood, Pioneer Knighthood, Legendary Knighthood, and War Knighthood. As you rack up the season points you’ll climb the tiers, earning progressively better rewards. 

Fortress War Tips

So how can you thrive in the demanding world of Fortress War? 

Firstly, team spirit is everything. The most successful alliances are the ones that act as a single almighty unit, with no stray players off doing their own loose cannon things. This means having a strong leader who can deal with personnel management, the uncertainty of NPC attacks, and other players’ strategies. 

Next up, you need to approach strongholds in a deliberate and sensible fashion. Take out the NPCs and/or enemy troops first, before making a decision on which lords you’re going to leave behind to reinforce the stronghold once you’ve moved on. Empty strongholds don’t stay yours for long. 

The remaining lords should always strive to defeat and occupy the highest level strongholds possible. And once you’ve occupied a stronghold, you need to think carefully about how you deploy your forces. In a level 5 stronghold, it’s worth keeping your main force back to defend it and sending out your remaining troops to make trouble elsewhere. 

Good luck out there!

Christmas Carnival

And now, as promised, here are the details of the War and Order Christmas Carnival. 

It all starts with the prelude, which, like any good festive prelude, features a T. Rex. This T. Rex has stolen Santa’s sleigh, and all the presents that were stashed on it, so you need to help save Xmas by completing quests. 

If you’re lucky you’ll also obtain a pair of scissors, for opening chests that contain special rewards. 

After the prelude comes the Christmas Party. This involves heading to the sign-in page every day to collect rewards, with a special surprise available to lords who complete all of their daily sign-ins. 

There are also bonus rewards on offer for lords who sign-in three times, ten times, 18 times, and 25 times. These include Birthstone Chests, Star Source, and rare Resource Chests – so it’s well worth making the effort.

Finally, there’s the Christmas Carol. This part of the Christmas Carnival event sees you adding to the snow-covered festive atmosphere by decorating the Christmas tree with Christmas Candy and Christmas Lights.

The more decorations you throw up, the more points you earn. You can spend these points on an assortment of luxurious in-game items. 

Plus, for a limited time only you can visit the Christmas Exchange Store, where you can exchange scrolls for items that are difficult to obtain through normal gameplay. 

It’s a miracle! To get involved, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store by clicking here to download War and Order for free right now.

There’s a gift code you can redeem to help you through the game too – just go to Settings > Pack Exchange > and enter droidgamers2112. You have until the 23rd of January to redeem this, so get going!

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