Marvel Snap and Genshin Impact Win Big At The Game Awards

The Game Awards have come and gone once again. It was a star-studded night, with a plethora of winners. The Mobile Game of the Year award went to Marvel Snap, and the Player’s Voice award winner wasn’t surprising – Best Mobile Game of the Year is a highly regarded title.

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with The Game Awards, take a look at their official website for more information.

A Success For Mobile Games

While the mobile game may have gone under the radar for some, it seems to be a beloved title for many Marvel fans. Marvel Snap went up against some strong games, such as Genshin Impact, Apex Legends Mobile, and Diablo Immortal.

Many expected Genshin Impact to win, but alas, they didn’t. After all, it shouldn’t be a shock that Marvel Snap won – it’s one of the most well-loved franchises of all time.

The Player’s Voice award is great news for mobile game fans though – with one of the most popular mobile games, Genshin Impact, winning a pretty hefty award. The fans determined the Player’s Voice award entirely – further cementing how popular Genshin Impact really is. 

Goodbye AAA Titles, Hello Mobile Games

In fact, the mobile game was going up against some massive 2022 titles. Elden Ring, Sonic Frontier, and God of War Ragnarok were also included in the category.

Who’d have thought in 2022 a mobile game would beat an AAA game? Genshin Impact was also a nominee for Best Ongoing Game, due to its live-service nature. However, Final Fantasy 14 won this title.

Okay, So What Is Marvel Snap?

As the name suggests, Marvel Snap is a card-collecting mobile game based on the Marvel universe – it’s brilliant for those who love characters like Iron Man and Venom. Digital card games aren’t for everyone, but there’s clearly a dedicated fanbase for this one. You can play against a bot or another human, allowing you to enjoy the co-op capabilities. 

Have you played either of these games? Or has The Game Awards piqued your interest? If you’ve already caught up with all of the content in Genshin Impact, try out some of these Genshin Impact alternatives.

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