New Karakin Map Now Available in ‘PUBG Mobile’

About a month ago PUBG Mobile received its massive version 1.3 update in celebration of its 3rd anniversary. The update ushered in the Hundred Rhythms music festival, Royal Pass Season 18, and a lot more. It wasn’t just a one-and-done update though, as it was stuffed with new things that would trickle out in an ongoing celebration of the game’s 3rd birthday. One of the most anticipated bits of new content was a brand new map called Karakin, and as of today that map is now available in PUBG Mobile. Here’s the official launch trailer for it.

[embedded content]

Oh, right. Another big chunk of that update features a bunch of creepy clown stuff. *Shudder* Anyhoo, the Karakin map is a compact map for 64 players that is said to combine “Miramar’s tension with Sanhok’s fast-paced gameplay” and has a couple of neat new mechanics that spice up the gameplay. First is the Demolition Zone which is a purple area on the map that features real-time building destruction. Then there’s new Thin Wall Bullet Penetration which has been added to the thinnest walls in the map, so be extra careful where you choose to duck behind for cover. Rounding things out is a new Sticky Bomb throwable weapon and a new Panzerfaust single-use rocket launcher that does some crazy damage.

The new Karakin map is available right now in PUBG Mobile on both iOS and Android.

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