Organizational Puzzler ‘A Little to the Left’ Gets a New Trailer During Day of the Devs

This past December we checked out the first teaser trailer for a new puzzler called A Little to the Left from Annie Macmillan and Lukas Steinman, aka developer Max Inferno, and publisher Secret Mode. That teaser has stuck with me because the premise for A Little to the Left is something very close to my heart. You see I am very compulsory when it comes to having things arranged neatly on a desk or just around the house in general. I hang the shirts in my closet by color, and I’ve had more than one strange look from a person working the counter at a restaurant as I can’t help but straighten up their stack of to-go menus or the piles of business cards left by local businesses. I always feel like I’m a weirdo for having those sorts of tendencies, but games like A Little to the Left show me that I’m not alone, and perhaps there’s even dozens of us!

Anyway, the game is a puzzler about organizing all sorts of household items and, occasionally, re-organizing them because your mischievous cat decided to muck everything up. Check out this latest trailer for A Little to the Left and some commentary from Max Inferno about its development.

[embedded content]

Technically, this isn’t a brand new trailer, as it’s more of a condensed cut of the game’s most recent gameplay trailer and a very cool developer play through video that Max Inferno did back in February. But that video is like 30 minutes long, and who has that kind of time, you know? Well, if you DO have that time it’s a fun watch, and you can see it on their YouTube channel. As for A Little to the Left, it’s planned to release on PC and Nintendo Switch first, with iOS and Android versions coming at a later time. If you’re interested in those other platforms you can find a demo of the game on its Steam page or on its page

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