Outerplane Global’s Pre-Registration Kicks Off

The Outerplane global release is almost here, and now you’ve got the chance to get your run off to a flying start on launch day.

In our previous article on the RPG, we mentioned that we’d got wind that the global release wouldn’t be long, with the release scheduled for the end of May.

The Rewards Countdown Is Ticking

Well, the game’s global version has officially entered pre-registration, and there’s a ladder of rewards available based on the number of registrations.

As of our last check on the official website, the pre-registration orders were sitting at a little over 7,300 sign-ups. Prize milestones at 100K, 300K, 500K, and 700K all appear to be different amounts of some special currency.

The million mark reward is a little more mysterious, showing a ring with a fishing rod and winged cat on the rim. We’re very curious. Depending on the levels of hype between now and the 24th, we might be curious forever!

In addition to the pre-registration goodies, Outerplane has a more direct kind of giveaway running.

Checking out the website gives you the chance to share the pre-registration news on your social media of choice. Doing so enters you into a prize draw. Thirty winners will be picked to receive some Outerplane goodies.

A 3D Epic Seven?

So what’s Outerplane? It’s a gacha RPG from the same stable as Epic Seven. You take a romp through a world where fantasy meets tech, and engage in turn-based fights against all sorts of enemies with your squad of colorful characters.

There are lots of modes to choose from, from rogue-like game modes, tower climbing, and special boss fight missions. In boss rounds you take down some terrifying-looking beasties for a chance to get your paws on special gear.

There’s a lot to do, and it’s a game you actually play and make active decisions with, rather than letting the idle mode have all the fun.

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