Pre-Registration For Monster Hunter Now Hits One Million

The Monster Hunter Now pre-registration kicked off, and already hit a pretty significant milestone. The pre-registrations topped one million sign-up after a short period open, so chances to snag the bigger prize goals before the launch on September 14th look pretty promising.

Currently, players can expect ten potions, three paintballs, a Founder Medal, and three Wander Pebbles to get started with. Later tiers have some special makeup cosmetics and some very handy item box expansions, so might be worth rooting for.

Bigger Game Hunting

So what is Monster Hunter Now? Well, if you clicked on this you’re probably familiar with the franchise, but just in case you’re a Monster Hunter newbie, here’s the full lowdown.

In Monster Hunter games, you hunt monsters. Okay, so it’s not quite that simple. You take on the role of a hunter pursuing this supersized wildlife across a variety of wilderness settings, and you make use of a variety of weapons and traps to try and take down your quarry.

Monster Hunter Now replaces wandering levels in search of monsters with wandering the real world to find them instead.

Gotta Hunt ‘Em All

Yes, it’s a Pokémon Go-like, you shouldn’t be too surprised, given that it’s developed by Niantic. The big difference in Monster Hunter Now is that rather than catching the monsters for battle, you’re catching them in order to make them into a nice pair of boots.

You’ll pursue monsters around the world, mark them to chase them down and battle them, potentially pulling in other hunters to assist.

Monster Hunter Now’s more RPG-like approach to the genre also means another mechanic. Gear. You can kit out your hunter in a range of different equipment, and push for the newest and best armors. That should be enough to keep you facing down entire dragons with just a hammer for protection.

If you want to join the Monster Hunter Now pre-registration, you can do so via Google Play.

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