Project Moon Have Brought Limbus Company Up From A Rocky Start To A Top Seller

Gacha RPG Limbus Company can add an impressive accolade to its record. The game is up on the global ‘top seller’ list on the Steam platform.

It feels a little surreal to see a gacha game sitting above the likes of Elden Ring and Hogwarts Legacy in the Global Top Sellers category of Steam.

Over The Moon

That said, though it’s worth keeping in mind that the developer, Project Moon, isn’t a ‘gacha developer’, per se. It is in the sense that they developed a gacha game of course, but it’s not where it cut its teeth.

Many people might recognize Project Moon as the studio behind weird and interesting games like Library Of Ruina and Lobotomy Corporation. Lobotomy Corporation is a management simulator where you run a facility that generates power from otherworldly monsters.

Limbus Company, in many ways, is a little more conventional. That is to say you play a man with a clock for a head managing a group of misfit agents who ride around a dystopian city on a magic bus and venture into ruined corporate facilities looking for supernatural artifacts. Normal things.

You organize your team of lovable weirdos and try to keep them alive through a complex battle system.

The game received a fairly troubled entry into the cutthroat world of gacha games. We’ve written quite a few pieces on the ups-and-downs of the game’s fortunes.

Troubled Start, But Not A Failure To Launch

There were significant problems with bugs and optimization at launch, marring what should be a free-to-play gacha’s crucial first impression. In previous coverage, we did wonder whether the problems would kill the game before it had a chance to live.

So how did Limbus Company manage to succeed where so many fail, despite its rocky start? Well, Project Moon’s willingness to listen to player feedback, compensate, and even withdraw updates that prove unpopular, can’t be overestimated.

While there are plenty of examples of developers ignoring fans’ wishes, Project Moon appears to have its fingers constantly on the pulse of its player base. This, and an established back catalog, might be some of the reasons for the current success.

Of course, the gacha game world is a changeable one. There’s no telling what the future holds for Limbus Company, but it’s hard not to appreciate when a developer genuinely tries.

So the question we have to ask is: Lobotomy Corporation Android port when?

If you want to check out Limbus Company for yourself, check out the listing on Google Play.

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