PUBG: New State Will be Available in Some Regions Before July

PUBG: New State’s developers have announced that the game will be available in alpha in a “LIMITED number of regions” at some point this quarter. That means before July.

In addition, the highly anticipated follow-up to PUBG: Mobile, has reached the milestone of 10 million pre-registrations, having first gone live at the end of February.

What makes this particularly impressive is the fact that PUBG: New State achieved this feat without being available India or China, two enormous markets where previous versions of the game have fallen victim to censorship laws and geopolitical shenanigans.

PUBG: New State is shaping up to be a solid battle royale shooter with “ultra-realistic” visuals and a more grounded look than its predecessor. The action takes place in 2051, when society has collapsed and violent factions are locked in an endless war.

You’ll get an exclusive vehicle skin for pre-registering, which you can do right now on the Google Play Store.

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