Raw Fury’s Unique Musical Narrative Adventure ‘The Longest Road on Earth’ Launching May 20th

One of the things I love most about video games is the wide variety of experiences they can offer. I’m all about fast-action games that test your reflexes, or high-scoring arcade games where you can compete with friends and strangers for leaderboard bragging rights. But I’m also a huge fan of video games as a way to tell interesting or impactful stories, whether that experience includes a lot of what we’d typically call traditional “gameplay” elements or not. The Longest Road on Earth, a collaboration between Brainwash Gang, TLR Games, and Raw Fury, is exactly the type of unique experience I’m talking about. It’s a collection of four short stories that are told without any dialogue or text, and instead everything is conveyed by the beautiful music and lyrics of the original soundtrack by Beícoli and the stripped down mechanics in each chapter. You can get a dose of the awesome music and the whole vibe of The Longest Road on Earth in the following trailer.

[embedded content]

I’m just in love with all of that. The short stories told in The Longest Road on Earth try to center around relatable experiences and explore both the highs and lows of the everyday moments of our lives. Simple joys like riding a bike with the breeze in your face, or the mundane daily tasks of commuting to a job that you hate. These stories are meant to derive an emotional response but are open to the interpretation of each individual player, and The Longest Road on Earth is meant to be a more relaxing experience that you can reflect upon after you’ve played. It sounds incredibly interesting, and if this sort of thing is your jam you can check out The Longest Road on Earth for yourself when it launches next month on May 20th across iOS, Android, and Steam.

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