Reverse 1999 Psychubes List – What Do They Do?

Are you looking for a complete list of Reverse 1999 Psychubes? Not sure exactly what they do? Well, you’re in the right place. I’ve put together this guide just for you. It details exactly what Psychubes are, how you can get them, and lists all of them. I’ll even include full skill descriptions so you can decide which ones you want to use.

Reverse 1999 is an intriguing new gacha that sends you on a time-travelling adventure across the 20th century. You will visit all of the different decades, recruiting famous characters from each era. You then add them to your party and send them out into battle against your enemies. It’s a gorgeous gacha with a decent level of strategy to the gacha system.

You can grab Reverse 1999 on Google Play. We’ve also put together guides on Reverse 1999 balloon party, Reverse 1999 codes, and Reverse 1999 free summons.

What Are Reverse 1999 Psychubes?

Psychubes are, effectively, the weapons that a character can equip in Reverse 1999 to boost their stats and provide them with skill effects. Think of them as the Reverse 1999 equivalent of Honkai Star Rail’s Light Cones.

Just like those, in fact, they arrive in different star variants. These include six star, five star, and four star. I’ve included a lost of all of these below:

Six Star Psychubes

These are the absolute best Psychubes currently available in Reverse 1999. Take a look at the skills on offer to see if it synergises well with your team.

Blasphemer of Night

Increases your damage by 12% when attacking an opponent with at least two status effects.

Brave New World

Increases the power next incantation by 20% after casting an ultimate skill.

Her Second Life

After casting your ultimate, heal yourself and all allies for 32% of your ATK stat.

His Bounden Duty

Heal allies for 60% of your ATK stat each time you defeat an enemy.


Increase the power of your ultimate by 4% each time you defeat an enemy, up to a maximum of +16%.

That Inquisitive Dear

When you cast a debuff, heal the ally with the lowest HP by 24% of your ATK. Can only trigger once per turn.

Thunderous Applause

When you critically hit, critical damage increases by 16%.

Luxurious Desire

Increase your ultimate damage by 5% each time you use a single target ultimate, up to a maximum of 15%.

Balance, Please

Deal 6% increased damage against an opponent you don’t have an advantage against. This is doubled if you’re Spirit or Intellect.

Beyond Wonderland

Your healing increases by 3% each time you use a healing skill, up to 12%. Your crit chance increases by 7%.

Silent and Adoring

Extra actions deal 12% additional damage.

The Carat of the Heart

If you gain three Moxie in a round, you gain +8% ultimate damage. This increases to 12% if you gain four Moxie.

Five Star Psychubes

The second best Psychubes in the game. These will do well during the earlier phases of the game.

A Free Heart

Take 10% less damage when your HP is below 50%.

A Satisfied Eater

Gain +8% penetration when your HP is below 80%.

An Afternoon Nap

When you score a critical hit, gain +3% critical damage up to +12% maximum.


Take 10% less damage when you get hit by an ultimate.

Her Bright Future

Gain +10% ritual might when you cast an ultimate.

Laughter and Laughter

Gain +3% healing power at the beginning of a turn, up to +12% maximum.

Remaining Absurdity

Gain +10% damage when performing a single target attack under the effect of a shield.

The Footloose

Deal +8% damage to a target whose HP is above 40%.

Tomorrow Also

Increases critical rate by 10% when you cast an ultimate.

Yearning Desire

Gain +8% if you have a stat or status debuff.

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