Sandbox MMO Growtopia Will Host Ezio, Rabbids, and More in January Crossover Event

Starting from 24th January to 30th, Growtopia presents you 7 Ubisoft famous franchises in Growtopia’s amazing universe! Including Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry III: Blood Dragon, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Rabbids…etc.

Before we delve into the details, let’s remind ourselves what Growtopia is all about. 

Growtopia is a 2D sandbox MMO with a simple aesthetic and a minimal interface. The game gives you three main actions: build, grow, and punch.  With these you need to grow items from seeds, fend off enemies, fill your world with cool stuff, and visit other players’ worlds to make friends and cause trouble. 

Growtopia’s slogan is Be Anyone & Create Anything, which sums up the experience nicely.

Back to the UbiWeek event. The full list of participating franchises includes Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, Rabbids, Brawlhalla, Far Cry III: Blood Dragon, Prince of Persia, and Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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Each game will have its own unique impact on your Growtopia universe, ranging from the subtle to the dramatic. 

The Assassin’s Creed event will turn your avatar into a miniature version of Ezio, the renaissance rogue.

In Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell event you will have the chance to fully transform your character into everyone’s favourite elite field operative, Sam Fisher. With this iconic outfit, you’ll be the sneakiest agent in all of Growtopia. 

Prince of Persia, on the other hand, will completely take over your world and all the players to turn it into an exotic complex of palace locations filled with spikes, stone columns, and more. This event will add parallax scrolling to the game, too, which is a neat touch. 

In a crowd-pleasing move, the Far Cry III: Blood Dragon crossover will give you a pet Blood Dragon that follows you around and blasts your enemies with neon lasers, while the Immortal Fenyx Rising event will endow your avatar with The Wings of Daidalos. 

For Brawhalla, players can transform into Bödvar, who has specific animations for equipping, moving, and punching which, in keeping with Brawlhalla’s fighting style, can be utilised when falling or jumping. The same is true for transforming into Val, who has two silver and dark blue gauntlets generated upon equipping.

The Rabbids on the other hand, generates a Rabbid with a plunger on the player’s back when equipped. This lets players unleash a unique kind of attack when punching, as the Rabbid fires plungers at their target.

The UbiWeek event begins on January 24th and ends on January 30th. You can take part by downloading Growtopia for free on Android or iOS

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