Second Racing Master Beta Launching Today

Racing Master, the upcoming free to play driving game from NetEase and Codemasters is launching its second beta on the Play Store today, so if you want to get your hands on an early access version of the game, you’re in luck.

The beta is going to run exclusively in the United States and Canada, and it’s going to run for ten days. By our reckoning that means it’s going to be available until October 22nd.

This version of the game features new cars, new tracks, new modes and the ability to spectate on high tier ranked matches to see how the very best players do the driving. Here’s a trailer.

[embedded content]

The game is currently scheduled for a world wide launch in 2022, it’ll feature a whole bunch of impressive cards that normal people will never be able to afford, all presented in Unreal 4 glory.

If you want to try out the new beta, you can click here to download it from the Play Store right this second. Remember, you’ll need to be in the US or Canada to play it.

Oh, and if you’d like more information on Racing Master, then poke a click on this link and you can check out its official website.

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