Side-Scrolling ARPG Watcher Chronicles Coming to Mobile Later This Month

Watcher Chronicles is one of those games that fits into the nebulous Souls-like category. Mainly because it involves tough combat and dying. A lot. And now it’s coming to Android.

The game was released on Steam in January, and has got plenty of fans on PC. It’s all about an attempted takeover of purgatory by the minions of hell, and involves an awful lot of violent resistance.

There’s loads to do here, with different environments to fight through and 20 enormous bosses to try and take down. Feels like right now would be the perfect time to watch a trailer, right?

[embedded content]

The cartoon graphics certainly hide the grittiness, but make no mistake – this is a game that’s going to challenge your fingers at every turn. In a good way. If you like your fingers being challenged.

Watcher Chronicles is set to land on the Play Store on April 28th. When it does, the first act of the game will be free, and if you like what you see there’s going to be a $7.99 IAP to unlock the rest.

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