Snowbreak: Containment Zone Closed Beta Starts, But Some Players Are Left Out In The Cold

The Snowbreak: Containment Zone beta is live, and a set of lucky testers get the chance to try out this new gacha shooter for themselves. The test kicks off today and runs up to the 14th of June.

If you haven’t signed up for the closed beta, then bad luck. Sign-ups have closed for now. If there’s no call for more testers, you’ll have to wait around until the full release kicks in.

Unfortunately, it appears a few who did sign up for the beta struggled to get in, too.

If You’ve Not Got Your Test Account, Act Quickly

A post on the official Twitter account informed everyone of a problem, where testers confirmed as closed beta participants hadn’t received test accounts or download links.

If you’re one of those still adrift, you can head to a special page on the Snowbreak site and enter your registration to hopefully get everything you need, and fix the issue.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a third-person shooter that leverages the Unreal 4 engine to deliver a bleak futurescape left devastated by the terrifying power of the Titans.

These enigmatic beings fell to earth, and transformed a human city into the frozen wasteland that people came to call Containment Zone Aleph.

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

You’ll join the Heimdall Force, an elite team assembled to venture into the stricken lands of the Containment Zone and do battle with the Titans inside. This is no easy task.

Different characters bring different skills, and weapons to the table. The different weapon specializations mean some might specialize in close combat, while others lean more in the sniper direction.

You can take along a squad to make the most of this breadth of skill, but that’s not all. Snowbreak: Containment Zone lets you play co-op with your buddies via the ‘Gigalink’.

This all comes with the kind of impressive visual fidelity you’d expect from a game that boldly declares its use of Unreal 4. The environments look bleak and extremely pretty, and it comes with some weird and wonderful enemy design.

If you’ve missed the Snowbreak: Containment Zone beta test but you’re still interested in the title, check out how to pre-register on Google Play.

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