‘Spire Blast’, ‘Patterned’, and ‘Dear Reader’ on Apple Arcade Have Gotten Big Updates Today Bringing In New Content, Features, and More

A few days ago, Necrobarista from Route 59 games got a major update bringing in the second free narrative expansion “Devil’s Den” and following that, three great Apple Arcade games have gotten pretty big updates today. Over the last few months, each week usually has a new release with an update or two. Since there’s no new release this week, this week will have seen four Apple Arcade games get updated. Patterned () from Borderleap was updated to version 3.2 bringing 40 new patterns. This includes new patterns from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, and more. The update also adds an expert mode with smaller pieces and a new leaderboard. Barring the usual fixes, new achievements have been added for daily streak milestones. Patterned has been a great game for post launch support on Apple Arcade as well as just being something I recommend to most people on its own.

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The second update of the day is Spire Blast () by Orbital Knight. So far, Spire Blast has gotten improvements and fixes following launch but today’s 1.1.0 update has a new world added in the form of the Oceania Depths, new levels, improved controller support, and more. Spire Blast has been a nice surprise on the service for me. I still dip into it often. The final major update of the day is Dear Reader () from Local No 12. Dear Reader just got its major 2.0.0 update with the ability to select favourite puzzles as you play, several new books including four rare books with brand new reading goals, edits, and more. Watch the Dear Reader Apple Arcade trailer below:

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For more discussion around today’s new releases, check out our dedicated forum threads for Dear Reader here, Spire Blast here, and Patterned here. For all other Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of the last few updates and releases on Apple Arcade and are you looking forward to Fantasian?

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