The Alliance Alive Android Port Released In English

The Alliance Alive Android port has released, and mobile gamers will finally get a chance to enjoy a rather underappreciated gem of JPRG history. The port is available via Google Play, and will set you back £9.99/$11.99 though you will get to enjoy a full experience and quite a few hours of adventuring for the price.

Charming Despite A Bleak Setting

The original version of The Alliance Alive was released for the 3DS in 2017. An HD Remaster popped up for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC over the next few years. Last year, the Alliance Alive Android version got a release in Japan, but it is only now that we have gotten an English language port.

The port gets the HD Remaster, with its nicer sprites and textures, so it’s more or less what you would be getting on a PC or console. 

Powerful creatures called daemons long ago invaded the world where the Alliance Alive takes place. They split the world up, with barriers keeping realms apart from each other, and began a tyrannical rule over society. 

This chaos wrecked the climate, and the skies have been dark and gloomy for centuries. In this world, humans are the lowest in society, under daemons and beast men. 

Slightly Quirky Mechanics

You take control of some members of a resistance group, who are trying to oppose the rule of the daemons and their beast men underlings. They also hope to bring blue skies back to their land. 

The gameplay is what you might expect from JPRGs, with a few twists. The combat system is turn-based, but characters don’t have levels. Instead they earn points that can be used to purchase skills. 

There’s a big, free-roaming world map to explore, and a lot of content to experience. If you love old-style JRPGs, it might be worth your time and money.

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