The Fantastic Boxing Sim ‘Prizefighters 2’ Gets New Boxing Gym Manager Mode in Latest Update

We were really big fans of 2017’s Prizefighters from developer Koality Game, as it blended intuitive touchscreen controls with simple but deceptively deep boxing mechanics and wrapped it all up with a killer single-player progression system, and eventually, thanks to post-release updates, online multiplayer as well. It was easily the best boxing game available on mobile. Given our fondness for the title, we were really excited to hear a sequel was in the works, and it was just this past December, almost 3 years to the day of the launch of the first game in fact, that Prizefighters 2 made its way to the App Store and Google Play.

Prizefighters 2 somehow improved on the already great original in every way. More boxing mechanics were included making even more strategic fights but the simplicity of controlling it all was retained. The career mode, called Road to Victory, was given a major overhaul, making it more akin to a full-blown boxing sim. You’d create your own fighter, start training, start taking on fights, and move your way up the ranks and even up and down into different weight classes. And once your fighter has lasted a long and fruitful career, you can retire them and start up a new fighter that you can bring right into the same simulated world that you left, essentially making Road to Victory as endless as you wanted it to be. It’s great.

In addition to Road to Victory, there is also Be the Promoter mode, which basically lets you create and run your own League and book every fight. Over the weekend, a huge new update dropped for Prizefighters 2 adding in a third new mode called Boxing Gym Manager that complements the previous modes extremely well. Here you can create and customize your very own gym, sign new fighters, and try to become the highest ranked gym in the league. It’s pretty astonishing to me that Prizefighters 2 is able to provide such a fantastic simulation experience not just of the boxing itself but pretty much all aspects of the sport of boxing, and do it all so well. If you have yet to check out Prizefighters 2 it’s totally free to do so on both iOS and Android with a one-time IAP to unlock the premium version.

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