The Walking Dead: Survivors Is Coming to Android Next Week After Racking up 1.5m Mobile Pre-registrations

The Walking Dead: Survivors, the anticipated mobile strategy game based on the long-running Walking Dead series of comics, TV shows, and videogames, is coming to Android next week.

Published by Elex, The Walking Dead: Survivors is a genre-straddling multiplayer survival game that sees you fortifying and defending a compound against hordes of slavering zombies while also venturing into the wilderness to explore, expand, and harangue other players and their clans.

You’ll assign tasks, create battle plans, and engage in frenetic tower defense-style gameplay sections in which you have to see off attackers from a range of fixed points. The game tasks you with deciding what buildings to construct, who to promote in battle, how to develop your characters, and more.

The Walking Dead: Survivors features a cast of more than 150 characters from the franchise, including Rick, Glen, Beta, Hershel, and Maggie. They all have different roles, and belong to one of two different factions: Combat and Development.

Rick is a rifle-wielding Combat survivor, as you’d expect, while Hershel serves as a medic in the Development branch of your apocalyptic army.

You can pre-register for The Walking Dead: Survivors on the Google Play Store right now if you happen to live in the US. If you live in the UK, you don’t need to because the game is already available in Early Access.

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