Tower of Fantasy Meets Neon Genesis Evangelion

Tower of Fantasy is teaming up with Neon Genesis Evangelion, and it’s dropping on February 7th, 2024! Asuka, Rei, and Shinji are jumping into the game. How awesome is that? It’s a full-on party where two epic worlds collide. The Tower of Fantasy X Evangelion collaboration was announced on the official webite recently and we are here with the details!

So, redeem those Tower of Fantasy codes and dive into this gaming adventure. We’ve got simulacrums, mechas, and a brand-new Aquaville map – the works!

Pen Pen and Anime Legends!

Tower of Fantasy is rolling out an unprecedented collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion from February 7 to March 7, 2024. The excitement is tagging along, especially with the addition of Pen Pen, the adorable penguin, joining the adventure as an intelligent servant. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

And for all you physical game enthusiasts, Tower of Fantasy has a surprise – a physical edition is on the horizon! Designed for the PlayStation 5, it comes packed with in-game goodies like the Starlit Cosmos vehicle, food, XP items, and a monthly pass. 

Tower of Fantasy X Evangelion

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio, the brains behind Tower of Fantasy, spill the beans on the Evangelion collaboration set to hit screens in the first half 2024. 

But that’s not all for the Evangelion Fantasy crossover, introducing Asuka Langley Soryu and Rei Ayanami as new Tower of Fantasy characters and Shinji Ikari as your ally. The main story has iconic mechas like EVA-00, promising an authentic experience for anime enthusiasts.

 Evangelion Fantasy Unleashed!

The much-anticipated collaboration, Evangelion Fantasy, takes center stage. Authenticity takes the lead as the game faithfully recreates visuals from the original anime, including colossal Angels and 1:1 scale replicas of EVA-00, EVA-01, and EVA-02. Dive into the captivating narrative, reliving classic scenes within the game. And who knows what surprises Tower of Fantasy has in store for version 4.0? To get started on the action, download the game on Google Play!

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